What is Rollux?

5 min readNov 3, 2023

In an era where blockchain technology is reshaping the digital landscape, scalability remains a pressing concern. With the launch of Rollux, a distinguished Layer 2 solution was forged on top of Syscoin’s robust blockchain. Rollux isn’t just a bridge to mass adoption; it’s a leading example of innovation, offering the perfect blend of security, speed, and affordability.

Rollux design, inspired by the principles of simplicity and pragmatism, aims to alleviate the common bottlenecks stifling blockchain scalability. As we delve deeper into the Rollux ecosystem, we’ll address some frequently asked questions that showcase the vision and the technical finesse that propels Rollux into the forefront of blockchain scalability.

Q1: What is Rollux and how does it fit into the broader Syscoin ecosystem?

Rollux, a Layer 2 solution crafted on top of Syscoin’s blockchain, tackles blockchain scalability hurdles. Functioning as Syscoin’s Layer 2, it bolsters scalability, paving the way for wider adoption. It embodies security, speed, decentralization, and affordability. Rollux furnishes decentralized, scalable infrastructure, extending layer two services like asset transfers, lending, and liquidity management for decentralized finance.

Powered by the Syscoin blockchain, it harnesses Bitcoin-secured value via merged mining and Ethereum’s EVM compatibility. With continual updates from SYS Labs and the community, the growing Rollux network emerges as a vital part of the Syscoin ecosystem, enriching its functionality and capabilities.

Q2: What is Merged Mining?

Merged mining allows miners to mine on multiple blockchains simultaneously, utilizing the same computational power. In Rollux’s case, transactions are secured through merged mining with Bitcoin, leveraging Bitcoin’s robust security infrastructure. This ensures a high level of security for transactions on the Rollux network while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Analytics for Proof of Work Merged mining for Rollux network may be found here — Syscoin Network Hash Rate & Bitcoin Network Hash Rate.

Q3: A Layer Two solution like Ethereum’s EVM?

Rollux, as a Layer 2 solution, provides scalability to the Syscoin blockchain. While it’s not identical to Ethereum’s EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), it aims to offer compatibility with Ethereum’s standards, which allows developers to work in a familiar environment. The underlying technology in Rollux includes its design, which leverages Proof of Data Availability (PoDA) and ZK-Rollups,taking inspiration from other Layer 2 solutions, like Optimism, to ensure fast, secure, and efficient transactions. These features enable a robust platform for building decentralized applications, including those in the gaming and DeFi sectors.

Q4: Is Syscoin the Gas to Rollux for transactions?

Yes, Syscoin is utilized as the gas for transactions on the Rollux network. It is used to compensate miners and validators on the network for processing and validating transactions. This setup ensures that the network remains secure and operates smoothly, enabling users and developers to interact with the Rollux ecosystem efficiently. For more information on Merged mining check out the Syscoin Docs.

Q5: What dApps or use cases are built on Rollux by SYS Labs?

SYS Labs has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the Rollux platform, which facilitates a range of decentralized applications (dApps) and use cases. The use cases span across DeFi (decentralized finance), NFT (non-fungible token) marketplaces, gaming, and more. Rollux, with its enhanced scalability and interoperability features, provides a conducive environment for developers to build innovative dApps. To keep tabs on Rollux and its rapidly growing network, check out SYS Labs Products & Solutions and, for a full scope, the Rollux Ecosystem.

Q6: How difficult would it be for imposters to compromise the Rollux network?

The Rollux network is designed to be secure, leveraging the robustness of the Syscoin blockchain and the security features inherent to Bitcoin’s Proof of Work. The network’s architecture, combined with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, aims to make it significantly challenging for imposters to compromise the network. However, like any other blockchain network, the level of difficulty in compromising it depends on various factors, including the network’s size, the consensus mechanism in place, and the ongoing efforts to address vulnerabilities and enhance security. Since Rollux utilizes a consensus mechanism through the process of merged mining, the security of the network relies on the architecture of Bitcoin. With that said, imposters come from a variety of angles, and it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with DeFi and the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

Q7: What is something to look forward to with Rollux?

Developers, game creators, artists, and members of all crypto communities are warmly welcomed to explore and engage with Rollux. With a promise of scalability and security, it’s a conducive platform for crafting and interacting with decentralized applications. The ongoing developments, collaborations, and integrations within Rollux signal a bright trajectory for growth and adoption. Particularly exciting is the unfolding expansion of DeFi and GameFi realms within the network. Additionally, the ease of access to Web3 services is a game-changer. As Rollux fosters interoperability with other networks, a plethora of projects to engage with, and a lively, crypto-savvy community, it certainly holds a promising future.

Q8: How can I earn $SYS?

Earning Syscoin can be achieved through a few methods, such as mining, masternodes, or participating in network activities that may earn rewards, such as liquidity pools, farming, or “play to earn” games. Additionally, there is the White Socks Squad (WSS), which is available for the community that would like to participate in microtasks to earn Syscoin, all while helping the network grow. To find out more about WSS, join the Official Syscoin Discord server and fill out an application. Lastly, there is a Rollux faucet that is available for everyone to claim Syscoin compatible with the Rollux Network! Check out the faucet here!

Q9: How to stay up to date with Rollux and the ecosystem?

To stay updated with Rollux, you may follow the official social channels on X, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Medium. Join the community discussions on Discord or Telegram channels. Additionally, regularly checking the official websites or blogs for updates and engaging with AMAs or community events hosted by Rollux Through these channels, you can learn about the latest developments, upcoming features, and other news regarding Rollux and the broader ecosystem.

Closing thoughts

Rollux represents a solid step forward in resolving blockchain scalability issues, paving the way for wider adoption of decentralized technologies. It not only enhances transaction speed and security but also opens up a realm of possibilities for developers, gamers, and the broader crypto community. The continuous evolution of Rollux, driven by a community-driven approach, holds promise for a future where decentralized applications become the norm. Staying updated and engaged with Rollux’s journey is an opportunity to be part of a transformative chapter in the crypto narrative.

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