Ways to Earn with StakeCube — NFT Creation & Marketplace

SCPscan.net Download for wallet
Initial SCP wallet start up, Enter Password here. (Do not forget this password or result in loss of funds + NFTs)
SCP wallet dashboard
SCP wallet Deposit dashboard
Make sure to toggle the Developer menu button, this will give you access to the “Create Token” tab.
Follow these steps mentioned above to complete collection creation
User curated NFT’s, here you can explore collections on SCP, or click on the plus sign to create your own.
Follow the instructions here to create your first NFT.
NFT wallet dashboard on SCP
Withdraw dashboard for NFTs on SCP wallet
NFT marketplace dashboard on stakecube.net
My NFT’s wallet dashboard on StakeCube.net




StakeCube Project Manager

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Derek - z12391

Derek - z12391

StakeCube Project Manager

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