Ways to Earn with StakeCube — NFT Creation & Marketplace

Derek - z12391
6 min readApr 19, 2022


Creating NFTs with a software wallet is something the space has not seen yet, at least until StakeCube Protocol (SCP) hit the stage. The team at SC has done it yet again by creating something innovative and new to the space. The SCP wallet is capable of quite a cool list of feats. But for this article we will mostly stay focused on Non-Fungible Token creation, and the StakeCube.net NFT Marketplace.

For starters if you find yourself interested in StakeCube, or SCP + NFT’s, Start off by Signing up at StakeCube.net. Since StakeCube Coin is the gas to the StakeCube Protocol network, you will first need to acquire some SCC. Furthermore, in order to create a NFT collection on SCP, you will also need 10 StakeCube Coins plus a little extra to cover transactions and mints.

After obtaining at least 10 StakeCube Coins, you can then proceed to the next step of this process, which is by downloading the StakeCube Protocol wallet which can be found at SCPscan.net. SCP scan is the network explorer for NFTs and Tokens created on SCP. On the top right header of the website after loading, you will find a download tab. Click the download tab and begin downloading wallet. At this time the SCP wallet to access NFT creation is for PC only. The SCP wallet comes equipped with 0.01 SCC to cover initial gas on transactions. Depending on the size of the collection you are planning to create, will determine rather or not you will need more SCC to cover gas.

SCPscan.net Download for wallet

Now that you have successfully obtained 10 SCC from StakeCube exchange, and downloaded the StakeCube Protocol wallet, The next step is to secure the wallet with a password. Once done creating a unique password, the SCP wallet becomes accessible instantly.

Initial SCP wallet start up, Enter Password here. (Do not forget this password or result in loss of funds + NFTs)

After unlocking the StakeCube Protocol wallet, You will see the wallet dashboard which looks something like this, minus the SCP tokens and staking data.

SCP wallet dashboard

The next step is to click on the “Receive” tab to deposit 10 SCC or more to get started. If you would like to send me a NFT for this guide feel free to send them here, thank you in advance.


SCP wallet Deposit dashboard

It may take a few minutes for the SCC to arrive, depending on which block height the transaction takes place, and when the funds are released from StakeCube.net or any other exchange that supports StakeCube Coin.

While waiting for the transaction to arrive you can go ahead and toggle the developer tools by clicking the setting/tools wheel on the top right hand corner under the close button. Then click the “Personalization” tab to drop down the menu.

Make sure to toggle the Developer menu button, this will give you access to the “Create Token” tab.

Now that you have made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back, because you are ready to become a NFT creator. The next step is to click the “Create token” tab. Select SCP-4 token standard, Name Collection, Select amount of mints, chose if burnable or not, and then Deploy. In order to deploy the collection, it will cost a one time fee of 10 SCC, which is then sent to a burn address, and taken out of the circulating supply of StakeCube Coin. In other words, acting as a deflationary measure to the SCC supply.

Follow these steps mentioned above to complete collection creation

After waiting for 10 minutes or give or take, You can then begin minting your NFT’s. Click on the NFT’s tab and find your collection in the user curated list. Under the actions category you will find a plus sign like this “+”. Click on the plus sign to open up the NFT mint.

User curated NFT’s, here you can explore collections on SCP, or click on the plus sign to create your own.

Okay, so this is the fun part, Minting the NFT’s. After selecting your collection found in the list “NFTs tab” and clicking the plus sign, you will be taken to a page to create your first NFT. Here you will be able to Name the NFT, upload a Image, Gif or video (with out sound), select the quantity or copies of the NFT, and Mint. Which in all reality is not to hard to do. Each NFT cost a small amount of gas to fulfill the transactions cost, and create.

Follow the instructions here to create your first NFT.

Now that you have begun minting your NFTs, it will take some time for them to arrive to your wallet. Also note that being in a hurry to create your collection, and applying numbers to the title of the NFT, could result in mixed up order via the number that is created for the NFT via the SCP blockchain. Patience at first until you master the craft.

Once your NFTs arrive to SCP wallet, you will stumble across your collection under the “My NFT’s” button, Here is some of the NFTs that I own.

NFT wallet dashboard on SCP

Since you have successfully create your first NFTs, you can now begin sending them, In order to send the NFT’s in your SCP wallet, simply click on the NFT image that you wish to send, and a pop up box will appear for you to engage with a transaction. Select the transfer button, paste address, and click send, transaction on average take 2 minutes to confirm on the StakeCube Coin Blockchain.

Withdraw dashboard for NFTs on SCP wallet

This is where you are probably asking, “where do I send my NFT?”. For starters you can send NFTs to anyone that also has a SCP address, or whose address is found on the list via SCPscan.net. For those of us interested in selling our NFT’s that we create, the StakeCube NFT marketplace has finally arrived to the topic.

StakeCube NFT marketplace is early in its building stages. But with a simple to understand and easy to use interface. Here is what the NFT marketplace looks like, and the next steps will show you how to buy or sell.

NFT marketplace dashboard on stakecube.net

Here on the main dashboard of the marketplace, NFT’s can be bought and sold, viewed, liked, or even disliked. and with a search bar, plus organization tools to find the NFT’s you are looking for. In order to deposit to your NFT wallet, click on the “My NFT’s” tab. Which will then take you to a page like this.

My NFT’s wallet dashboard on StakeCube.net

As you can see above, You will find everything you need to do here to place a Deposit, or place a sell. Once your NFT arrives from Newly minted collection, You will be given the option to set your royalties for all future sells of the NFT’s in each collection you create. StakeCube takes a fee of 2.5% from each transaction. Creators can set a max Royalty of up to 10% on each sale of their NFT creations.

Now that I have provided enough details on how to get started, You are ready to be set free, and placed on your own. Listed below is some resources to learn more about StakeCube, StakeCube Protocol, our community and ecosystem. We invite you to join one of our groups below, and if you need support, or have any questions on SCP, reach us on the StakeCube protocol discord. Our community is rich with answers, and our team is always happy to help. Lastly, thank you for tuning into the blog!

Main SCP Discord- https://discord.gg/CqX2Ckkmu5