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From Staking and Masternodes, to Interest and rewards, StakeCube has set it’s mark in the crypto space as being one of the most ideal platforms to generate yield + rewards. One concept brought to StakeCube sometime ago now, is called NodeCube. This service helps users host full collateralized Masternodes with StakeCube. At the time of writing this, there is 21 Coins available for hosting. There is also 2 formats, or styles to host, One being Hot-Nodes and the other being Cold-Nodes.

Hot-Nodes hosted with StakeCube cost a stable $2 a month, per Masternode hosted. The other being Cold-Nodes which cost $1 a month, per Masternode. These two formats offer the perfect blend for masternode collectors. Hot-Nodes are hosted on StakeCube, So rewards arrive to wallet dashboard. This format also includes 100% of the hosting done with StakeCube. Cold-Nodes on the other hand are hosted in your own private/personal wallet. This format lets users hold their own coins, and generate rewards into their privately hosted wallet.

Depending on rather or not you have a personal Computer with great uptime abilities, or if you are on only a mobile device, will determine which Masternode, Hot or Cold, will work best for you. Some users decide to do both, others decide to host with StakeCube, even if they do have the ability to host on PC, because it is fully automated, and Masternodes are managed by the team. Now that I have explained the basics, here is a tutorial on how to set up a hot or cold Masternode with StakeCube.net.

NodeCube Overview Dashboard

At this time, 21 Masternode Coins are supported on NodeCube, with additional coins being added every so often. 7000+ nodes are hosted and users have the ability to host at discretion with the various formats mentioned above. Note that Cold-Nodes take more technical abilities with wallets, servers and setups for holding private keys. For ease of use, and automation, Hot-Nodes are a good option.

Hot-Nodes Deploy tool on StakeCube.net

Once the collateral is obtained to host a Hot Masternode with NodeCube, Select the Hot-Node tab, click the green plus on top right corner, and the deploy console will appear. Simply click on the Masternode you wish to deploy. The next part will appear with a confirmation, and deduct a fee of 2 credits for the Masternode to get started.

Credits Dashboard instructions labeled in order 1–5

In order to obtain credits for NodeCube, and after obtaining StakeCube Coins for the credits, must click on username at top right corner, click account, credits, enter the amount, and click buy. At first may seem a bit confusing, but after doing it a couple times is rather simple. Now that you have credits, the rest of the process is back to the above. After you have successfully launched your Masternode, It may take up to 24 hours for the tech team to get it started.

Hot Node Page on NodeCube Dashboard

Once the Masternode is launched it will appear on the Hot-Node tab in NodeCube, appearing with a ID number. By clicking the green “i”, information can be brought up to register the Masternode, to earn bonuses and discounts on StakeCube. If you have made it this far then follow these steps in the photo and paste them on the next page here.

StakeCubeCoin Dashboard for bonuses and integration.

Drop down the menu, and click on StakeCubeCoin, This will bring up the dashboard to register your SCC Masternodes, enabling affiliate rate bonuses, exchange fee reductions and interest rate bonus.

Click Green plus sign to paste Public Address and Signature.

Holding 10 SCC Masternodes unlocks maximum benefits for the platform. Large Caps like BTC, LTC DOGE and DASH earn upwards of 11% APY when having 10k StakeCube Coin locked in Masternodes and registered.

There is also one other perk, that is to unlock 50 free masternode hosting with NodeCube, to do this is back to the account tab.

1000 SCC can be locked up for 90 days to host 50 Masternodes, this can really save a ton of money, and it eliminates the step of having to buy credits. If someone has for example 40 Masternodes Hosted on Hot-Nodes, can end up paying $80 per month for hosting. This of course factors in value of SCC and generation of rewards, vs cost in SCC to buy credits. Most find it nice to be able to donate a Masternode and get “free” hosting. After 90 days, The 1000 SCC are returned to user dashboard, and must be re instated to unlock 50 Masternodes.

If you are interested in learning more about StakeCube, Feel free to check out these links below!


Lite Paper: https://stakecube.net/public/files/litepaper.pdf


Main SCP Discord- https://discord.gg/CqX2Ckkmu5




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