Ways to Earn on StakeCube — Masternodes, Staking and Interest

Before the world of Token and main network staking came around, there was Masternodes, and POS staking that was popular first. Realistically you could say that POS + Masternodes are the the foundation to the concept introduced to the crypto space. The good thing is, MN’s and Staking in its original form is still popular. Coins like Dash, SYScoin, PIVX, and StakeCube Coin still play off these principles. StakeCube offers a wide array of staking. To get started you will first create a account at StakeCube.net.

Landing page for StakeCube.net, Click Sign up!

Once successfully signing up, the main wallet dashboard will display. On this dashboard you will find a green plus sign, click the plus sign to add the wallets you are looking for. It is best to just add whatever wallets you plan to be active with. However, it does not hurt to activate all wallets if you choose to.

Click the Green Plus sign to add the wallet to user dashboard

At the time of writing this, there is over 74 Coins listed on StakeCube. 5 of those coins may earn interest automatically at 0.02% per day. These coins include, BTC, DASH, DOGE, LTC and SCC. By simply holding a balance in your wallet at StakeCube, daily interest is accrued and paid out at a random time, once per day. Holders of SCC Masternodes can unlock additional interest by registering the masternodes on StakeCube. Each SCC Masternode unlocks an additional 0.001%. There is a cap however, and that maximum is 10. So, In other words holders with the max allotted have unlocked 0.03% daily interest.

Interest Tab on StakeCube Coin, SCC is only interest coin with a maximum

Interest is by far the easiest way to earn on StakeCube, since it is mostly automatic, and pays out daily. This is a great way to start for beginners.

There is also over 46 Staking coins on StakeCube, Many of these coins are eligible for NodeCube, Which is a Masternode hosting application for users of StakeCube, there is also Shared Masternode, also known as pooled masternodes. For example, a Dash Masternode cost quite a bit of money for the average investor. Shared Masternode provide the ability to partake in something like DASH staking, and not have to allocate 110% of your funds to hold a position that earns a dividend. Since DASH is also enrolled as a Interest Coin, Some users of StakeCube are earning as high as 0.04% daily on their DASH holdings.

Here is a example of the shared Masternode dashboard. This concept will be changing into a Masternode Farm concept with version 3 of StakeCube.net.

Shared Masternode Dashboard, click on 3 horizontal dots to reserve a slot!

After arriving to the shared Masternode page, and deciding which Masternode is best, click on the 3 dots right hand side of the menu to open up the coins landing page for Masternodes.

Dash Shared Masternode Dashboard

At the time of writing this, there is 21 Coins supported for shared Masternodes. Some of these coins are also available on NodeCube. Also, the Masternode coins that are Proof of Stake, automatically generate rewards like interest coins on StakeCube.net.

NodeCube provides the ability to host full collateralized Masternode with StakeCube. This feature has a cost for monthly hosting. However there is a benefit to allocating one SCC masternode to unlock 50 free Masternodes hosting monthly. Any additional Masternodes cost anywhere between $1–2 monthly in hosting costs. or if you do not have one SCC Masternode to lock up with StakeCube then the costs are also enact. There is also 21 coins listed on NodeCube.

Featuring two style of Node hosting, on the user dashboard of NodeCube. Users will find that they can host a Cold Node, which is self hosted on their own desktop. Or they can Host a Hot Node, where SC holds the keys and rewards generate on StakeCube.net, Instead of self hosted wallet. Determining on your style with crypto, you may decide that you want a Cold or Hot Node over one other.

NodeCube Overview Dashboard.

In order to launch a Masternode on NodeCube, you will first need to obtain credits by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the website. After clicking on the username, tap on the account tab and this will open up the ability to purchase credits. Credits are stable to a dollar, and in order to obtain credits, must first buy StakeCube Coin.

Steps to obtain credits for NodeCube

Now that you have at least 2 credits to launch a Hot-Node or 1 credit to launch a Cold-Node, you are ready to take your collateral of Coins(Holdings) and lock them up in a Masternode to generate stakes/interest.

Hot-Node tab for NodeCube, launching a Masternode

Now that we have covered the basics, The next step to level up in NodeCube is to unlock 50 free Masternodes for hosting. You can find this option under the account tab on top right, then click credits, and you are there.

Lock up 1000 SCC to unlock 50 free Masternode hosting for 90 days.

This about sums things up for Masternodes, Staking and Interest. As for the coins that are not listed on NodeCube, or Shared Masternodes, and as mentioned above, will curate stakes, similar to interest coins. Automatically, and passively.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog, if you have any questions about StakeCube, Masternodes, Interest or staking feel free to join one of our socials below.

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