Unleashing the Power of Rollux and SNS: Transforming the Landscape of Web3 Domains Q&A

3 min readNov 30, 2023

Web3 Domains Q&A Rollux.ID

Q: What is RolluxID?

RolluxID is a platform in the Web3 ecosystem that provides a self-sovereign data container, allowing users to have full ownership and control over their data. Unlike traditional Web2 accounts where data is controlled by service providers, RolluxID ensures that users own their data without third-party interference​​.

Q: How does RolluxID improve cryptocurrency transactions?

RolluxID simplifies crypto transactions by replacing complex wallet addresses with human-readable domain names. This makes it easier to send and receive cryptocurrencies, enhancing security, privacy, and safety. Once a RolluxID domain is purchased, it belongs to the owner forever without any renewal fees​​.

Q: What features does RolluxID offer?

RolluxID offers a range of features including:

  • Web3 Username: Secure a .rollux username for a lifetime with no renewal fees​​.
  • Web3 Profile: Manage information, NFTs, tokens, track prices, portfolios, and more​​.
  • Unstoppable URL Shortener: Store short URLs on the blockchain for secure link simplification​​.
  • Subdomains: Connect platforms and spaces in the Web3 ecosystem to your identity​​.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Includes subdomains, NFT avatars, custom metadata, social verification, multi-wallet addresses, SDK & API​​.

Q: What are NFT Domains in RolluxID?

NFT Domains on RolluxID are new web extensions launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. They can be stored in a crypto wallet and are fully owned by the user, immune to seizure by any third party​​.

Q: Can RolluxID domains be transferred?

Yes, RolluxID domains, built on ERC721 (NFT), can be transferred using an ERC721-enabled wallet​​.

Q: Are RolluxID domains compatible with traditional ICANN domains?

No, RolluxID domains are not compatible with traditional ICANN domains as they are built using blockchain technology, enabling the launch of a distributed web which traditional domains cannot offer​​.

Q: What is the cost of registering a RolluxID domain?

The cost varies based on the length of the domain name, with shorter names (2, 3, and 4 characters) priced as ‘premium’ due to their limited availability​​.

For more detailed information and updates, you can visit Rollux.id.

Web3 Domains Q&A sysdomains.xyz

Q: What is unique about SYS domains in the context of blockchain technology?

SYS domains are innovative blockchain domains providing heightened security as they are represented by a single NFT. These domains serve dual purposes: they function as crypto wallet addresses and also as website domains​​.

Q: How do SYS domains simplify cryptocurrency transactions?

With SYS domains, sending crypto becomes more straightforward. You only need to know the recipient’s NFT domain instead of their long crypto wallet address, reducing the risk of errors in transactions​​.

Q: Are there ongoing fees associated with owning a SYS domain?

No, SYS domains require only a one-time registration fee, with no ongoing renewal fees. Once you buy a domain, it is stored in your wallet like cryptocurrency and is completely under your control​​.

Q: Can SYS domains be transferred between wallets?

Yes, since SYS domains are ERC721 (NFT), they can be transferred using wallets that support ERC721 tokens​​.

Q: Can SYS domains be traded on NFT marketplaces?

Yes, SYS domains will soon be tradeable on NFT marketplaces​​.

Q: What features do SYS domains offer?

SYS domains offer several features, including:

  • NFT Avatar: Set a picture as your avatar.
  • Profile Page: Display content and link to social channels.
  • Subdomains: Create unlimited subdomains.
  • Custom Data: Store and manage custom data records.
  • SDK & API: Integrate with third-party platforms like wallets, dApps, and DeFi​​.

Q: How does SYS support cross-chain functionalities?

SYS domains facilitate the transfer of NFT domains between different blockchain platforms and allow for the hosting of decentralized websites on IPFS, accessible with your NFT Domains​​.

For more detailed information about SYS Name Service domains, you can visit their official websites below!