Sasquatch (YETI) SCP-2 Token Standard

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti and many other names for a mythical, nocturnal creature.

Bigfoot has never been easier to find, YETI Is a alternative cryptocurrency, Built onto the StakeCube Protocol, Ecosystem. With an initial 1% (720,ooo YETI) Mint on the supply, and a annual 1% supply inflation. The Final YETI tokens will be minted in October 2120, 720k per year for 99 years!


Annual 1% Supply Inflation for 99 years!

A estimated 720,072 YETI tokens will be minted each year to its holders. Until Final Supply is reached in the year 2120.

YETI Token was created on October 11th at 11:50 MDT.

720,000 YETI (1%) was minted as a pre supply on October 12th at 07:50 MDT. Via block height 245322 on the StakeCube Protocol Blockchain.

Tokens must sit for a 12 hour mature time before earning first stake. Staking will then begin automatically and passively.

Adoption Curve APY

Holders of YETI tokens are estimated to earn the following.

Year One — 100%
Year Two 50%
Year Three — 33%
Year Four 25%
Year Five — 20%
Year Six — 16.6%
Year Seven — 14.4%
Year eight — 12.5%
Year Nine — 11.1%
Year Ten — 10%

Year 10 thru year 50 gradually decrease from 10% to 2% APY.

Year 50 thru year 99 gradually decrease from 2% to 1% APY.

Blockchain Statistics

YETI Token is created on StakeCube Protocol (SCP) as a SCP-2 Token standard. Staking For YETI is deterministic based off of holders weight and 360 blocks mature time averaging around 12 hours!

The block reward is 2.74 YETI, assuming each block is averaging 2 minute block times on SCP, this would result in token inflation of 82.2 YETI per hour, or 1972.8 YETI per day.

Alternatively, no more than 720,072 YETI’s will be minted each year.

Designed to survive for a century.

Sasquatch token was created for experimental and educational purposes. YETI tokens are deflationary with a max supply of 72,000,000. Annual Supply inflation will always mint the same amount of YETI each year in a deterministic approach. YETI is themed off the mythical creatures called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti’s and a list of several other names world wide. YETI token will begin with a mass airdrop of initial token supply to the first 1000 Wallets that are involved with SCP. These tokens will be given away for free and distributed equally. with the team keeping 0 tokens until we are able to buy ourselves via exchange. We are happy you have found your way to SCP and YETI token. Thank you for joining! Check out our communities below to be apart of initial airdrop!

Yeti Token is apart of the StakeCube Protocol, If you are interested in learning more about, check out the links below!

Main SCP Discord-

If you are interested in creating your own token with SCP feel free to download the wallet here!-

And check out this Tweet too!-

Thank you for checking out this project, if you would like free YETI Tokens, Join the SCP discord, or StakeCube Telegram above!



StakeCube Project Manager

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