Best SCP NFT Collections

Non-Fungible Tokens are a huge chapter to the cryptocurrency era. Brands, influencers, products and companies are building NFT collections everyday. Here is some of best NFT artists on StakeCube Protocol.

First off, If you did not know already, StakeCube team has a verification system for unique and custom NFTs. These NFTs are identified with a green checkmark on the graphic and collection title. At this time with the NFT marketplace being in its infancy, it is best to buy NFTs that are considered as a verified Collection. Now that is said, and out of way, here is some of the best collections I’ve stumbled across on the NFT marketplace via

#1 PizzaChain- PizzaChain is the very first NFT collection created on SCP. This collection was created by lead developer of StakeCube Protocol and StakeCube Coin. there is 313 holders of this NFT, and it has been rumored to later serve as a utility NFT. With only 10 sales in the marketplace, holders are strong. Getting a slice of this pizza could pay some good perks later.

SCPizza- PizzaChain NFT collection

#2 The Xolo Gang- 50 Custom and unique character NFTs created by artist RVG1503. The Xolo Gang features great knock offs for super hero outfits, and fun accessories. Over 60 sales have taken place on the marketplace, making it one of the top collections for activity.

Xolo #1 NFT

#3 The Cranky Cranes- These cool looking birds are a small collection of only 25. With a total of 33 sales in the marketplace, equipped with a cool set of outfits and accessories. These Cranky Cranes are the 2nd collection from RVG1503.

Cranky Crane #22 NFT

#4 Alebrijes- This is the last and latest collection by RVG1503. This NFT collection has many equipped with sombreros, and feature some great skins. 30 total Alebrijes in this collection with over 32 sales in the marketplace. This is the last collection mentioned in the list by this creator.

Alebrije #3 NFT

#5 Phish’s Randoms- This unique and custom collection of 50 NFT’s by Phish has a total of 15 sales in the marketplace, featuring a nostalgic retro artwork, almost as if they were hand painted. A great collection, with a simple elegance.

Splodge NFT #27 of 50

#6 Low-Res Naked Ladies- This collection is one that brings a smile to your face, Pixelated ladies, some appear to be cyborgs of some nature, however you look at it, much is left to the imagination. There is only 20 of these Low-Res Naked Ladies available. So far 19 total sales in the marketplace, a fun collection brought to you by artists Sandude.

Diana, NFT #17 of 20

#7 MoonBois- This collection of 50 NFTs is brought to us by CultToday on twitter. There is a unique combination of accessories for each. Many of the NFTs are named or themed after members of the team, and community from StakeCube. With a total of 26 sales in the marketplace, and some of the clothing featuring SC merch, MoonBois should be a collection of quality to survive.

Oleg, NFT 28 of 50

#8 Puff Puff Pass- This rare and finite collection only has 5 NFT’s. Created by artist Spectrum FisherKing, It is one of the few collections on SCP that features live artwork, otherwise known as a Gif. As of now 2 sales have been made on the marketplace, and holding these NFT’s comes with a form of stake from alt coin DogeCash. Find your rare 1/5 Puff Puff Pass NFTs on the StakeCube NFT marketplace.

Puff Puff Pass #4 of 5

#9 Cows Team- Featuring 50 Cows, This collection amongst the next few are some of the best from 2D art on SCP at this time. Artist Klikaczek has created a unique and custom collection, with 17 sales on the marketplace at the time of writing this.

Cows Team NFT 2/50

#10 Penguins Team- With a total of 50 Penguins and 16 sales on the marketplace. The Penguins Team collection is another great by artist Klikaczek.

Penguins Team NFT 5/50

#11 Hamsters Team- The last collection by Kilikaczek, featuring only 25 Hamsters, and a total of 13 sales on the marketplace, This sums up the best 2D art on SCP.

Hamsters Team NFT 1/25

There is a total of 81 Verified collections on the StakeCube Protocol!

There is many more artists and collections that are joining SCP every day. The NFT marketplace can be found at

If you would like to see more on chain analytics

And lastly if you are interested in creating NFTs on StakeCube Protocol, check out this medium here on How to Create NFTs on SCP!

If I did not mention your collection here, I do apologize and will do my best to feature your collection next time! feel free to DM me on Telegram or Discord if you would like to get featured in one of these blogs!

Thank you for your interest in SCP and NFTs!

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