5 Crypto’s to hold on StakeCube — Use Cases

With the current bear market situation throughout crypto, creates a great time to seek out the value prospects in the space. Some projects are building amazing things and are somewhat hard to find, Some even appear unattractive at first to be considered for a long term hold. The amount of working products and use cases in these projects are enough to really consider. So here it is, in no specific order here are top 5 Value projects on StakeCube.

  1. StakeCube Coin (SCC)- Is the native platform coin to StakeCube.net ecosystem. Currently yielding around 18–20% returns in a year for Masternode staking. StakeCube Coin is equipped with a working platform, a governance model with Masternodes, A smart chain layer that is validated by SCC network, and incentives for holding via the platform.
StakeCube Coin Logo

Masternodes and Miners validate the network for both StakeCubeCoin and StakeCube Protocol’s network of tokens and NFTs. With SCP, all things DeFi are possible. The layer is custom and uniquely coded, and is a non-evm based smart chain.

Platform Coins like Binance Coin is similar to what StakeCubeCoin is for StakeCube. Users who hold SCC can earn additional interest, exchange fee reductions, and is used as the platforms coin to get stable credits. The stable credits are used for Masternode Hosting and MineCube workers.

Governance model has not been introduced yet, however with a network of over 6000 Masternodes, creates a great incentive and format for governance to work on StakeCube.

To sum things up, SCC is a platform Coin, like BNB is to Binance. Also a network coin similar to that of BNB, ETH, AVX, SOL, and others.

Market Capitalization- $2,971,404 (Micro)
Circulating Supply- 10,797,411 SCC
Maximum Supply- 18,000,000 SCC
Collateral Need for Masternode- 1000 SCC
Cost of a Masternode- $275.20
Website to checkout-

2. SYS Coin (SYS)- Functioning as a Masternode Coin with a EVM based smart chain layer. SYS has a NFT marketplace, a defi service and working on data availability concepts/web 3.0 concepts to innovate the future. SYS Coin currently yields around 7.6% ROI, and is ranked in the top 5 of all Masternodes by market capitalization.

SYSCoin Logo

One interesting feature about SYS Coin is that it is merge minable with Bitcoin, and cross validated with Masternodes. Bitcoin ASIC miners can simultaneously earn SYS While mining BTC. Also equipped with a DeFi ecosystem, NFTs, and full EVM based smart chain layer with plug in wallet capabilities. SYS acts as the gas to the network of tokens and NFTs build under the ecosystem.

A concept that SYS Coin is focused on is Web 3.0 developments, innovation and over time will be fully migrated for the future of DeFi and Web 3.0

Masternodes can act as governance, and SYS is strategic research & development partners with StakeCube. SYS Coin and StakeCube work closely together, and will be innovating things for the Web 3.0 together.

To sum things up, SYS Coin is a great ally to StakeCube, and fully capable of doing anything that BNB or ETH is doing.

Market Capitalization- $125,393,381 (Mid Cap)
Circulating Supply- 636,875,542 SYS
Maximum Supply- 888,000,000 SYS
Collateral Need for Masternode- 100,000 SYS
Cost of a Masternode- $19,712
Site worth checking out-

3. Moments (MMT)- Moments Token sets its mark on StakeCube Protocol, Currently the leading token via transactions, and utility. Moments is equipped with a micro tasking, plus job service supporting the crypto currency economy. Users can post jobs, or bounty styled tasks for other users to sweep up. Creating a nice ecosystem for crypto related jobs and services.

Moments Token Logo

At one time in the past, MMT was known as TRBO Coin. StakeCube and Turbo go back for relationships, and are two projects that bounce ideas off each other from time to time. TRBO Coin decided to migrate to StakeCube Protocol and become a token supporting the network. Today, MMT is the biggest Token supporting SCP. With a working product and community around the project, it seems to be well undervalued considering its max supply, and tight niche community.

One thing that MMT has been building is a job and bounty board for crypto. Engagers of the platform can post jobs, or bounties for other users to accomplish, by doing so, can earn MMT.

Some examples of tasks include, signing up at ref links, to a search for full stack developer. Moments is working to bridge the crypto communities even closer, and push innovation for the next wave of crypto tech.

To sum things up, Moments is a partner to StakeCube, and also the leading project on the StakeCube Protocol ecosystem of tokens and NFTs. Projects like this are the foundation to SCP. Moments also has a staking ROI of around 17% at the time of writing this.

Market Capitalization- $44,000 Estimated (Micro)
Circulating Supply- 5,818,229 MMT
Maximum Supply- 10,000,000 MMT
Collateral Need for Masternode- NAN
Cost of a Masternode- NAN
Site worth checking out-

4. MMO Coin (MMO)- Surrounding the topic of MMO gaming. MMO Coin supports a variety of features. One of the most unique things MMO has to offer is its MMO Swap, which is based on BSC network. MMO Coin has been around for sometime like the others on this list. At one time was a Proof of Stake Coin. Today it is on the Binance Smart Chain.

MMO Coin Logo

One of the coolest things about MMO Coin is the Swap, Farm and Pool that it has supporting MMO and BNB. To top this off MMO also has a marketplace for merch, a Faucet and a game place on web. MMO is also a strategic research and development partner of StakeCube, like others mentioned in this article.

Currently yielding around 10% ROI, MMO is also a low cap gem that is under rated across the industry, similar to that of MMT. On the swap site for MMO, Users can find a area to lock tokens up in a pool to earn stakes. MMO Coin is supported via plugin wallets like Metamask or Trust wallet, and also supported on StakeCube.

To sum things up, MMO Coin’s dive into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, gives appeal to accessibility, also rich with working products and features, MMO has proven to survive the space by keeping up with times.

Market Capitalization- $22,948 (Micro)
Circulating Supply- 27,612,824 MMO
Maximum Supply- 260,000,000 MMO
Collateral Need for Masternode- NAN
Cost of a Masternode- NAN
Site worth checking out-

5. MetaBrands (MAGE)- Focused on building for the web 3.0 and metaverse. Mage creates a interesting way to dive in and have some exposure to the next level in crypto. Currently supported on Ethereums ERC token standards, and Avalanche as a cross chain token. I do believe other networks will be added over time, Also note that MetaBrands has issued some NFTs onto StakeCube Protocol, and is one of StakeCube’s partners as well.

Mage Token Logo

Metaverse, Gaming, NFT’s and Web 3.0, Mage is set to be a foundational token supporting the next wave of crypto. Metabrands has NFTs that are looked at as relics, Also will be launching token staking in the near future. Also, partnered with many DeFi, and Blockchain gaming platforms. MAGE is definitely in the early steps of a long path ahead. Potentially under rated crypto.

Holders of Mage tokens can earn NFTs called Relics. Also worth noting that Metabrands is participating in Decentraland things. And is a huge sponsor to MegaCubes. with focus on decentralization and play to earn game. Mage token offers a diverse approach to crypto.

To sum things up, Mage is currently trading around a nickel, staking is not available at the moment, but Mage holders can provide liquidity, earning from trading fees on Pangolin and Uniswap.

Market Capitalization- $875,542
Circulating Supply- 14,777,395 MAGE
Maximum Supply- 100,000,000 MAGE
Collateral Need for Masternode- NAN
Cost of a Masternode- NAN
Site worth checking out-

Disclaimer is that these projects are all partners of StakeCube.net, Some are collaborative, some are research and development. And some even have team members on both StakeCube and other projects mentioned here. This article is not financial advice, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Thank you for tuning into this article, if you would like to learn more about StakeCube, check out the links below!

Telegram- https://t.me/Stakecube

Happy Staking!



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